Steve Savage will transform your business.

You may work with Steve Savage as your sales and marketing strategist for your business -- anywhere in the world.

When Steve works with your company, he does not give you abstract theory. He is a true “Guerrilla Marketer.” He goes out in the field with your sales people, observing them in action. He meets with managers at all levels, from local sales managers to Chief Executive Officers. Then he works with you on developing a sales and marketing strategy that is guaranteed to increase your sales and profits.

If you need to open up or expand your business in North America or South America, Steve can help you. He grew up in Ecuador and is 100% bi-lingual. He knows all the countries of Latin America. He has developed businesses in many countries.

Read the comments of businesses that have benefited from Steve’s guerrilla consulting strategies:

"As a company, Microsoft strives to help our customers find easier, more effective and innovative ways to achieve their goals. Steve Savage's ideas and experiences are "straight, down-to-earth recipes." His participation in our Executive Circle included top Chief Executive Officers and Cabinet Ministers in every Central American country. They were all very pleased with his contribution and support."

René Picado, Regional Director
Central America

"Steve Savage introduced our business in a number of Latin American markets. He did an outstanding job, building the business from zero to $15,000,000 in 4 years. He was responsible for recruiting the management team in each country and took a direct role in all elements of the sales and marketing strategies and tactics. His most outstanding strengths lie in his high energy level, sense of vision, relentless creativity, marketing and sales ability, people skills and a unique ability to articulate his thoughts and experiences.

E. Peter Raisbeck, Chairman
Institutional Financing Services
United States

"Steve’s sales and marketing seminars were well received in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. They served to open the eyes of many in terms of opportunities in those markets."

Carlos Denton, General Manager
Gallup Centro America, S.A.
Costa Rica

"Steve Savage worked as a sales and marketing consultant and transformed our Eastern Region, which had flat sales for several years, into a fast-growing network of warehouses. He recruited, trained and managed salespeople for each warehouse. In each case, sales doubled or tripled within 18 months. He organized a nationwide telemarketing operation and gained 3,471 new customers in 12 months. This gave us $2,000,000 in new business per year. He not only gave us advice, but actually implemented his recommendations. He is the only consultant we have ever used that was actually able to mastermind and guide a project through from start to finish."

Mike Rippey, President
Radiator Express Warehouse
United States

"After three years of flat sales, in June we started Steve Savage’s new sales strategy. Our sales grew 18% in July, 31% in August and 56% in September. Our salespeople and sales managers are motivated and optimistic. What we liked about Steve’s consulting was that he not only gave us recommendations, but he implemented his plan."

Mario Simán, President
El Salvador

"I’ve known and admired Steve Savage for many years – he was my “sales manager” in College and one of the “star salesmen” of Southwestern.  He has continued to be a “star” in his subsequent businesses.  He is also an inspiring public speaker, who motivates and teaches salespeople, managers and corporate staff.  He is not an “ivory tower” theorist.  In his consulting he gets in the trenches with the salespeople and observes them with their customers.  When he recommends changes in marketing and sales strategy, they are based on a lifetime of building sales forces in several countries."

"His ideas are practical and achievable.  He recognizes that 80% of strategy is implementation and therefore doesn’t stop until his strategies are actionable, rewriting sales manuals, training sales people and changing corporate culture to make a business totally customer-friendly.  He has helped many companies increase their sales and profits throughout the Western Hemisphere."

Harry Strachan
Director Emeritus, Bain and Company
Managing Director, Mesoamerica Investments

"Caffino retained Steve Savage to create and implement a strategic-expansion program. This encompassed market assessment, competitor analysis, real-estate development, entitlements-permitting and site development. He rapidly identified and provided in-depth analysis for over 300 potential sites for our drive-thru coffee bars. I found him to be incredibly focused and goal oriented – doing “whatever it takes” to get the job done."

Jeff Titterington, President
Caffino Drive-Thru Espresso Bars
United States

"Steve Savage worked with our sales force, going out to visit our clients in various provinces throughout Panama. Then he met with our managers to help us with our sales and marketing strategy. Finally, he conducted a seminar for our sales force. He motivated us and our sales increased 9% during the following year."

Dr. Dagoberto Tuñón, Marketing Manager
MELO Industries

"Steve Savage’s ideas have increased our business. We are an accounting firm. We did not realize how important customer service was until Steve came and showed us how to treat our customers with kindness and enthusiasm. We now have loyal customers who will not go anywhere else for their accounting business!"

Gabriel Estevez, Partner
Estevez, Alvarez & Associates

"Steve Savage helped us set up a new business in Argentina, training our salespeople, visiting our customers and helping us with the formation of our business strategy. He also worked with us in the creation of our office, forming a great company culture. We grew to $2,000,000 (USA) in our first two years."

Arturo Hotton, President
IFS de Argentina

"Steve helped me found a new business. He helped me get rid of my “corporate mentality” and adapt the “guerrilla” mentality which helped me succeed as a small business. We were very successful and we continue to grow."

Igor Zambrano, President
Sales Solutions

"Steve Savage gave me guidance in the formation of my business. His teaching and enthusiasm have been the determining factor in the growth of our company. He is an exceptional consultant, especially in sales and marketing, as well as the added benefit of his perfect command of the Spanish language."

Tomás Fortson, General Director
Beneficio Escolar

"Steve changed the way we do business. I realized it was not enough to be just a “little bit better” but dramatically better. He taught me to go out in the field with my salespeople. He taught me to treat my salespeople as heroes. This opened my eyes to what was happening and help me make some important corrections."

Salvador Parras, President

"Steve gave us direction on our telemarketing efforts. We launched a telephone drive and gained 34,150 clients in three months."

Albaluz Soriano, Marketing Manager
El Salvador

"Steve Savage helped us test new products and open up international markets in Latin America. This was an astonishing success. In each case, he adapted the business to the local culture and made it work. Most consultants merely consult. Steve goes way beyond consulting and gets things done."

Dennis Snyder, Chairman
Meland Outreach, Inc.
United States

"We have learned how to treat our customers like family. All our executives now go out and visit customers, like Steve Savage recommended. It has changed the culture of our company and increased sales."

Jorge González, General Manager
Latin American Financial Services

"Steve’s ideas were extraordinary. We were able to put many of his suggestions in place immediately at a minimum cost."

Juan Guerra, President
Cinco, Diez, Todo de Todo

"Thank you for your participation in our program. You provided new and beneficial information to all our members. Their evaluations were extremely positive. I have enjoyed working with you over this past year."

Allison L. Manny, Director of Development and Education
New York State Association of Health Care Providers
United States

"Thank you so much for speaking yesterday at the Medical Managers Network.  I believe every medical manager in the room left with a greater sense of responsibility to their respective organizations and their staff members.  You delivered a message of organizational culture in the office that truly provoked thought and opened minds.  Your tips and techniques were simple, yet can make all the difference in an office environment."

DeeDee McIntyre, Assistant Vice President
Heritage Bank
United States

"I started feeling energetic and began to change the way we do business. I am an introvert, but you gave me the confidence that I could lead my sales and marketing team. Thank you for your guidance and moral support."

Akbar Umatiya, General Manager
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

"Your seminar was a great experience. For everyone, it was something new. We are thankful to you for empowering and educating us on Guerrilla marketing and selling."

Binu Manaf, Manager, Marketing
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Your presentation was one of the best I have ever seen. You really targeted the audience, as your focus moved from small business to people working in large organizations. You were entertaining, yet your message was clear."

Libby Hick, Production Administrator
Arab Media Group
Dubai, United Arab Emirate

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