What Will They Learn

What will they learn at the seminar?

How to use these proven Guerrilla Marketing Weapons:

  • One hundred marketing weapons that will help you generate the greatest profits from your business.
  • How to position your business to take advantage of opportunities in niche markets.
  • Winning marketing strategies for tough economic times.

How to promote and build their businesses and make them more profitable with the following advertising techniques:

  • The Guerrilla Advertising strategy
  • Cut costs, but not quality
  • Learn about and target your best prospects
  • Select the right media
  • Know and out-think your competitors
  • Your position, your look, your personality
  • Why so much advertising fails
  • Advertising that worked, and why
  • Develop ads that inspire action
  • Adapt your tactics to your media
  • The power of an idea
  • Get big bangs from small bucks
  • Develop brochures that get results

How to make better use of marketing dollars:

  • The twelve monumental marketing secrets that a Guerrilla Marketer must know to succeed.
  • The power and limitations of your marketing.
  • How to successfully market your business and turn one-time customers into repeat customers.
  • Double the effectiveness of your marketing budget.
  • Find "hidden" opportunities.
  • Create your own word-of-mouth.
  • Identify your marketing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get free publicity.
  • Measure the success of your marketing.
  • Work effectively with professionals and agencies.
  • Save 50% on printing costs.
  • Position yourself for advantage in niche markets.

How to do brilliant marketing with very little cash:

  • The Guerrilla Marketing strategy.
  • Seven steps to create an effective, easy-to-follow marketing plan.
  • Surefire tactics to guarantee results and higher profits.
  • Direct mail success secrets.
  • Direct marketing, guerrilla style.
  • Aggressive marketing without cash.
  • 100 no-cash or low-cash ideas you can use now.
  • Non-media marketing.

How to find cost-effective ways to market products and services and increase sales.

  • Gain an almost unfair advantage over your competition.
  • Eliminate the frustration caused by not knowing how to successfully market your business.
  • Be able to compete with larger and better-financed competitors without having a huge marketing budget.
  • Stop "stressing yourself out" over your business by developing an easy way of steadily building your business base.

It's a jungle out there.

Increased competition, a challenging economy and fast changing markets demand unconventional weapons and tactics. To survive, a guerrilla must have a different outlook and apply different principles than a big business does. With limited resources he or she must learn to make every marketing dollar do the work of two, or five or ten. A guerrilla must learn to get it right the first time.

One of the major advantages for a guerrilla is the number of marketing options he has. A Fortune 500 company would never even consider many of the guerrilla techniques. A guerrilla never underestimates the power of an idea. A small business can flourish by gaining a tiny slice of an industry, a fraction of a market. Different battles require different tactics.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a small business and a large corporation is the degree of flexibility each possesses. Here the balance tips in favor of the small business. A guerrilla can react quickly to market changes, undeveloped niches and special opportunities. Speed and flexibility are part of the very essence of guerrilla marketing.

There is absolutely no mystery as to why guerrillas prevail when others fall by the wayside. They know how to launch a marketing attack and when to do it. They know which battles to fight and which to ignore. They know where to turn for support. They have learned to be alert, patient and take advantage of "hidden" opportunities. Anyone can develop the guerrilla spirit and attitude regardless of the size of their company.

Guerrilla Marketing challenges the conventional wisdom that businesses need big budgets to implement a successful marketing strategy.

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