At Steve's Guerrilla Marketing seminars, you will learn how to do brilliant and powerful marketing at a low cost. Often, the cost is zero!

When Jay Levinson wrote the first edition of Guerrilla Marketing back in 1981, he considered Steve Savage to be one of the truly authentic guerrillas he had met and worked with. Jay and Steve have worked on many projects since then. Steve will cover topics in Jay's book and illustrate them with experiences from his own life in business.

At Steve's Guerrilla Marketing Seminars, you will learn 87 techniques to make you an intuitive, street-smart marketer. Here are seven of them. You will learn how to:

  • Change your corporate culture so all your employees will be agile, fun-loving, productive and profitable guerrillas.
  • Make your company easy to do business with.
  • Get rid of rules that don't make any sense.
  • Change your attitude from "my product" to "my client."
  • Figure out what your customer wants and how to satisfy that longing.
  • Find a market segment where your offer gives you more power over your competition.

Figure out the message you want to implant in people's minds.

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