Sponsor a Seminar

How your organization can sponsor a Guerrilla Marketing seminar

Who sponsors Guerrilla Marketing seminars?

  • Banks
  • Businesses
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Associations
  • Clubs
  • Organizations

What are the advantages for your organization in sponsoring a Guerrilla Marketing seminar?

  • Increase your business with hundreds of small and medium-sized business customers.
  • Train your marketing and sales staff.
  • Offer enormous benefits to members of your association.

What is the Guerrilla Marketing seminar all about?

  • The Guerrilla Marketing seminar is oriented to the small and medium-sized businessperson, with dozens of proven techniques to help them increase their sales and profitability.
  • The legendary "Guerrilla Marketing" books have sold over 1,000,000 copies.
  • They are the best-selling marketing series in history.
  • Jay Conrad Levinson, one of America's foremost authorities in sales and marketing, conceived "Guerrilla Marketing".
  • His book created a nationwide sensation in 1984 and has been a consistent best seller ever since.
  • Many organizations have sponsored "Guerrilla Marketing" Seminars for their business customers and potential customers. They tell us they have benefited in two ways:
    • First, their current customers increase their business after applying techniques learned at the seminar.
    • Second, by offering the seminar to non-customers, they have built a bond with many people in the community and gained many new customers.
  • "Guerrilla Marketing" seminars are guaranteed to give the businesspeople in your area powerful tools that will help them thrive and prosper.
  • The more they prosper, the more business they will do with you.

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