Keynote Speaker

Steve Savage is a dynamic keynote speaker

Your business will get more sales, more often when Steve Savage addresses your management and sales team. Steve delivers a powerful and down-to-earth message that educates and inspires.

Keynote speeches for Microsoft

Steve gave a series of Keynote Speeches on “Leadership and Empowerment” for Microsoft in Central America. He helped Microsoft launch their Executive Circle and addressed the top business leaders and cabinet ministers in each country.

"It was a real pleasure to have you as our Keynote Speaker in our Executive Circle Launch events in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. Your extensive knowledge of Empowerment, Leadership, Sales and Marketing, as well as your vast regional experience, definitely made your presentation the high point of the events. Our guests, who included top CEO’s and Cabinet Ministers in every country, were very pleased with your presentation style as well as your openness and desire to share your experiences."

Rene Picado, Regional Director
Microsoft Central America

Steve is 100% bilingual.  His speeches in Costa Rica and Guatemala were in Spanish.  His speech in Panama was in English.  If you are planning an event, you may get a copy of his DVD, free, click here for the contact us page. Let us know what type of event you are planning.

Annual conventions for Institutional Financing Services

Steve has given several keynote speeches for the annual sales conference of Institutional Financing Services (IFS) of California.

No one has ever stimulated such a consistent, enthusiastic reception as you! Time and again you’ve stepped up to the podium and delivered a rousing message that inspired and motivated action. Although we’ve had a number of motivation speakers over the years, none has ever approached the business gains you’ve been able to generate.

Jim Cascino, President
Institutional Financing Services

Guerrilla Marketer

Steve has worked with Jay Levinson, author of the famous Guerrilla Marketing books, on a series of Guerrilla Marketing Seminars.

"Steve blends business acumen and remarkable speaking talent with genuine caring and goodness. Any audience hearing him speak is enlightened and insprired. I am in awe of his talent. Pure genius!"

Jay Levinson, author

Guerrilla Marketing
Marketing seminar for Kohler Corporation

"Steve gave a marketing seminar for Kohler, helping all its Latin American distributors improve their sales and marketing strategy."

"Your seminar was different from any other we have ever had, because your illustrations flowed from a lifetime of real experiences of running your own companies throughout the Western Hemisphere."

Victor Post, Director for Latin America
Kohler Corporation

Marketing seminars for the Gallup organization

"Steve gave a series of six marketing seminars for CID Gallup, the regional arm of the Gallup market research organization."

"Thank you for working with us on the six marketing seminars in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. The seminars opened the eyes of all participants in terms of opportunities in these markets. We have received many positive comments. We are pleased because our clients were satisfied."

Carlos Denton, President

Sales strategy for Colgate-Palmolive

"Steve sold his company to Colgate-Palmolive, then helped them set up subsidiaries in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina."

"I have never see anyone who could organize a business, recruit a sales force and motivate the entire company, better than Steve Savage. He is a genuine business visionary."

Rod Turner, Senior Executive Vice President
Colgate Palmolive

Expand your company's outreach by sponsoring sales and marketing seminars

Guerrilla Marketing seminars have traditionally been geared toward small to medium sized businesses. Now many larger companies are sending their managers to our seminars to learn "lean and hungry" guerilla tactics.

The seminars are designed to help a business develop a powerful marketing program even if they don't have unlimited funds to spend on marketing. There are over 100 "Guerrilla Marketing Weapons" which are either low cost or free.

Many banks and large companies who sell to smaller companies will sponsor a seminar. It is a free service to their customers. The idea is to help their customers improve their marketing so they will make more money and do more business with the bank or sponsoring company.

Other organizations that sponsor Guerrilla Marketing seminars are chambers of commerce, direct selling associations and trade alliances.

We work with Jay Levinson, author of the famous Guerrilla Marketing books, which have sold over one million copies worldwide.

The Guerrilla Marketing theme is how businesses can develop sophisticated marketing programs with very little money.

Steve Savage, president of Savage International, is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and conducts Guerrilla Marketing seminars throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Call us at (802) 355 8533 or contact us and let's talk about how we can promote your business with creativity and intelligence.

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