Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our mission is to help businesses throughout the Western Hemisphere dramatically improve their sales and marketing.

Our consulting is not based on abstract theory but on real life experiences. Steve Savage has started, developed and sold many businesses, in the United States and Latin America. During his four decades in international business, he has had many successes. He has also had a few failures. Because of his vast experience, he can guide you and show you the way to great success while avoiding the pitfalls that doom many businesses.

We can help you design sales strategies, telemarketing campaigns and marketing plans that will build your business. Our focus is on making your business grow profitably. We will show you how to use sophisticated marketing techniques on a low budget.

Read a case-study where Steve helped a company gain 3,471 new customers in 12 months, with an increase of $2 million per year.

Call us at (802) 355 8533 or contact us and let's talk about how we can promote your business with creativity and intelligence.

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