Corporate Culture Change

You will make more sales, more often, by adapting Six Savage Killer Transformations.  Start out with the most bizarre strategy of all:  Love your employees.  C'mon!  Love 'em?  How is that going to make me more sales, more often?

Skeptical?  Let me show you how it works.

Check out Savage Killer Transformation #1 to gain more sales, more often. Click on Love your employees! If you are like many businesspeople, you are gagging right now. "Are you kidding? This is a business, not a church. You gotta be kidding? I'm not gonna make my company into a love fest! We've got work to do!"

Read how my father, a humble Baptist missionary in Ecuador, can teach a small business owner or a Fortune 500 CEO powerful ways to make tons of money. (Don't worry! This is not about religion! It's about corporate culture change.)

Savage Killer Transformation #2 to gain more sales, more often: Drive Decision Making Down. Yes, I know what you are thinking: "Oh bore, another empowerment jive. Hah! I've heard that before. Right. Yawn."

Well, everyone talks about empowerment. But very few do it. This will tell you how empowerment really works in real life situations.

Read and follow the insights in Savage Killer Transformation #3 and you will gain more sales, more often. Get in the Trenches. What does that mean? It means getting off your butt, out of the office, into the field, calling on customers, at least one half day every month.

I guarantee that if you and all your managers follow this simple advice, that your company will be transformed into a lively and powerful force that will blow away the competition because you will know, in your gut, what is going on out there.

Savage Killer Transformation #4 to gain more sales, more often is: Make your company easy to do business with! You are probably thinking, "Oh, c'mon. That's old stuff. We are easy. Don't feed me stuff I've heard before. Oh yeah?!!"

Well, look at this article and then analyze your company. Are you easy? Is it easy to buy? Is it easy to exchange? Is it easy to get a refund? Think long and hard. Then get ready to start a revolution within your company that will launch you into a new unexplored territory. Explore and grow.

Savage Killer Transformation #5 to gain more sales, more often is: Elevate Your Salespeople. If you are like a lot of business owners or executives, you are thinking, "Aw nuts! Ugh! Salespeople? Those whiny nincompoops? Are you serious? They are the pits. I hate salespeople!"

Well, think again. If they all quit or died, would you have a job? Check out Elevate Your Salespeople and see how you can change your corporate culture to make everyone in your company a salesperson!

This one is scary, but Savage Killer Transformation #6 will make your company nimble and quick. It is quite simple to say but hard to pull off. Just two words: Eliminate rules. Almost every company has way too many rules. It makes it hard for your customers to do business with you.

People buy from companies they like. You might have the best product but if you are stuffy with rules, your customers will go elsewhere. Read about how Steve has helped other companies eliminate rules, and then eliminate at least one rule today!

Read and apply these Six Savage Killer Transformations and I guarantee you will make more sales, more often.

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