Case Studies

A Case Study in Productivity

Here is a case study showing how Savage International helped an automotive company gain 3,261 new customers within 12 months.

1-800-Radiator, a California company that ships automotive parts direct to auto repair shops asked us to design a program to penetrate markets that had previously shown no response to the company's sales efforts.

Our primary focus was on gaining new business for the company.

Our secondary focus was on winning back old customers who had fallen by the wayside.

New business

To get new business for the company, we set up a call center. Then we called every auto repair shop within the company's radius of fulfillment. We called shops that had never done business with the company.

We briefly described the services the company had to offer. Then we offered a discount coupon that would be good for their first purchase. We sent out the mailing. Ten days later we followed up to make sure they got the coupon.

The results were dramatic. We acquired 3,261 new customers in the first twelve months.

This was all NEW business — and highly profitable. The old customers paid for the company's overhead. The new customers yielded a profit margin that went straight to the company's bottom line.

Market penetration in the previously untapped territories reached 16%.

Winning back old customers

1-800-Radiator also asked us to call on customers who had not purchased in the past 90 days. We called each customer and asked him or her if they were satisfied with the company.

In most cases, there was a small problem that was easily worked out, and the shops became customers once again.

If we had not called, the company would never have known about the problem. They would have lost the customer forever.

The company tells us that we salvaged 346 customers for them.

We teach your telemarketers how to be friendly and professional. They are brief and to the point. Business owners and managers appreciate the courtesy call and like our efficient style.

The average telemarketer will place 48 phone calls per hour and make contact with 24 decision makers. On average, 12 people per hour request additional information. Our approach is low-keyed and businesslike.

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