Zero to Sixty Million in Six Years
  • Steve and two partners took a company from zero to sixty million in six years --- and sold it to Colgate Palmolive
  • Learn from Steve the techniques for starting, building and selling a business
Professional Speaker
  • Steve is an energetic and dynamic speaker who motivates people in his keynotes, workshops and seminars
  • His presentations are not based on abstract theory; they flow from a life of work as an entrepreneur
Business Visionary
  • Delivers motivational keynote addresses for conventions and conferences
  • Designs sales strategy for businesses throughout the Western Hemisphere
  • Conducts business seminars in United States, Canada and Latin America
  • BA Philosophy, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois 1962, Cum laude
  • MBA Marketing, Michigan State University 1963, Magna cum laude
Dramatic Sales Growth
  • Co-founded Institutional Financing Services (IFS) in 1979
  • Developed marketing program combining direct mail, telemarketing and field sales
  • Recruited, trained and managed the field sales force
  • Led sales growth to 250 salespeople nationwide
  • Reached $60 million by 1985
  • Sold company to Colgate-Palmolive in 1985.
Original Market Research
  • Tested 31 different ways to market products
  • Developed 7 new products
Fast-paced International Development
  • Started, developed and built dynamic subsidiaries in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina
  • Assembled operations in each subsidiary
  • Recruited, trained and managed sales forces in each country
  • Hired a General Manager for each subsidiary
  • Trained people to take over the business
  • Built Mexico subsidiary and grew sales to $10 million in four years
Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Grew up in Ecuador
  • Speaks and writes perfect Spanish
  • Lived in Brazil and learned Portuguese
Guerrilla Marketing Seminars
  • Steve Savage is one of the original "guerrilla marketers" of whom Jay Levinson spoke in his famous book Guerrilla Marketing
  • Over twenty million copies have been sold.
  • Jay Levinson said, "Steve Savage is the most brilliant and gutsy guerrilla experimenter I know."
  • His presentations are full of strategies and techniques that are original and unconventional.
  • His vigorous form of speaking and his solid marketing ideas prepare his clients and seminar participants to practice their own marketing with aggressiveness and success.
Thirty dramatic years in business
  • Steve has had many successes
  • He has also had many failures
  • He learned a great deal from his failures 
  • Failure has helped him become a better consultant to other businesses
  • He teaches you to succeed
  • He also teaches you to avoid errors
Steve continues to build new businesses. He is a partner in two companies:
  • Beneficio Escolar is a Mexican company that helps schools raise money
  • 1-800-Radiator is an automotive parts distribution company

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