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Mexico is the doorway to the world

Do you want to export your products to Europe, Latin America and Asia? You may find it easier to export from Mexico than from the USA. If you have a plant in Mexico, you will benefit from the Free Trade Agreements that Mexico has negotiated with the European Common Market and with most Latin American countries.

A distinct advantage of direct investment in Mexico is that you can go way beyond the advantages of NAFTA. Mexico has been negotiating a variety of Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) all over the world. She has agreements with 32 countries in three continents, with a potential market of 850 million consumers, making her a genuine Global Trade Hub.

Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has shown steady growth since 1994. It weathered the peso crisis of 1994 (known throughout Latin America as the “tequila crisis”) when the peso was drastically devalued. Since then, Mexico has survived the Asian crisis, the Russian crisis, the Brazilian crisis, the fall of oil prices, the fall of NASDAQ and the Argentinean crisis. Throughout the past decade Mexico’s GDP continued to grow, relentlessly, inexorably, year after year.

One of the advantages of direct investment in Mexico is that your company will be considered “Mexican” and you will be deeply appreciated by all Mexicans. When you invest money and create jobs, you are a hero.

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