The Dynamic Duo

Jay Levinson & Steve Savage

The two famous guerillas - Jay and Steve - in the Arabian desert Jay Levinson and Steve Savage pack a powerful punch when they perform together. Jay wows the crowd with his classic Guerrilla Marketing, sharing actionable secrets of successful, instantly implemental marketing that works. Steve shows them exactly how to raise sales to a high level with his dynamic and potent Guerrilla Sales Secrets.

Fresh off a triumphant return from The Middle East, Guerrilla Marketing took Dubai by storm. Small, medium and large company representatives raved about the content and are ready to put GM into action. Jay and Steve are available for international and domestic engagements and their seminars can be arranged in Spanish for Latin American audiences.

I started feeling energetic and began to change the way we do business. I am an introvert, but you gave me the confidence that I could lead my sales and marketing team. Thank you for your guidance and moral support.

Akbar Umatiya, General Manager

Jay and Steve have worked together since 1981. Jay is the most sought after marketing speaker in the world, with over 52 books in 49 languages on the market today. Steve was one of the original guerrillas who inspired Jay to write his original Guerrilla Marketing book. Jay describes Steve as "the greatest guerrilla experimenter I know who is willing to take the risks that must be faced high on the ladder to the top."

Your seminar was a great experience. For everyone, it was something new. We are thankful to Jay and Steve for empowering and educating us on Guerrilla marketing and selling.

Binu Manaf , Manager, Marketing

This seminar is available in English AND Spanish!

When you book Jay and Steve for a joint conference you will have the unsurpassed combination of marketing and sales gurus:

  • The father of Guerrilla Marketing himself – Jay Levinson
  • The original guerrilla sales expert, still in the trenches and ready to share with you exactly how to succeed in sales- Steve Savage (in English and Spanish)

"Your presentation was one of the best I have ever seen. You really targeted the audience, as your focus moved from small business to people working in large organizations. You were entertaining, yet your message was clear."

Libby Hick, Production Administrator
Arab Media Group

What can you expect from the Dynamic Duo?

What can you expect from the man who made "Guerrilla Marketing" a household word, and masterminded 3 out of the 10 most successful advertising campaigns of the 20th century?

Jay Conrad Levinson is the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, the best-selling marketing series in history with more than 15 million copies sold in 49 languages, many are required reading in MBA programs worldwide.

Jay is the chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, a consulting firm serving large and small businesses worldwide. He is quite possibly the most respected marketer in the world - and is responsible for some of the greatest marketing success stories of all time: "The Marlboro Man," "The Jolly Green Giant," "Fly the Friendly Skies of United," and many others famous slogans and marketing themes from fortune 500 corporations.

During Jay's time on stage, he will clarify marketing, excite and inspire the audience with stories and tactics of guerrilla marketing, and create an aura of excitement at the opportunity to breathe life into his techniques immediately -- at no cost or just a tiny cost.

He will explain the key differences between guerrilla marketing and traditional marketing, the 100 weapons of guerrilla marketing, prove that marketing is now a science, and delve into the personalities of successful guerrilla marketers. He'll reveal the key secrets of guerrilla marketing, the truth about online marketing, and the steps to take to earn serious profits with a guerrilla marketing attack.

A blend of stories, encouragement and case histories from Jay's career -- seasoned with an extra helping of humor, his presentations are tailored for each audience he addresses.

Among Steve’s Guerrilla Sales Secrets you will learn:

  • How to get high production without high pressure
  • How to convert everyone in your company into a guerrilla salesperson – even the accountants!
  • How to turn your sales force into wild beasts of productivity
  • How to discover and release the untamed fury inside your salespeople
  • How to give power to your salespeople without losing control
  • How to make your company easy to do business with
  • How to teach your salespeople to demolish the competition
  • How to help your salespeople to feel natural and calm in any situation
  • How to make your salespeople “owners” of their territories and their customers
  • How you can make your company the most exciting place in the world for a salesperson to work
  • How you can make each salesperson feel incredibly important
  • How your salespeople can make each customer feel incredibly important
  • How you can raise the bar for your salespeople so they will double their productivity
  • How to create a sales empire
  • How to transform your company from a bulky elephant to a wily cockroach that goes over, under, around and through all obstacles

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