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Steve Savage and Jay Levinson have collaborated on a new book entitled Guerrilla Business Secrets. Jay and Steve have known each other since 1981, when Steve had a company in California and hired Jay to help him write his direct mail letters and brochures.

In 1983, Jay published his book Guerrilla Marketing in which he declared that "Steve Savage is the most brilliant and gutsiest guerrilla I know."

Since 1983, Jay's "guerrilla" books have become famous worldwide and have sold over 20 million copies in 57 languages!

About a year ago, Jay encouraged Steve to tell his own story. He felt that it was one of the most inspiring guerrilla stories he had ever heard. So now, for the first time, it is complete: 58 proven ways to start, build and sell your own business!

Steve tells his own story right from the heart, describing his failures as well as his successes. He holds nothing back. The book is a model for anyone who wants to run his or her own business.

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