A striving guerrilla who reads the stories of other guerrillas’ successes and failures will learn:

  • How to sell your products or services.
  • How to choose the right product.
  • How to organize your business.
  • How to control your business.
  • How to divide stock among owners and workers.
  • How to pick a board of directors.
  • How to use consultants.
  • How to get a line of credit.
  • How to get credit with suppliers.
  • How to grow your business.
  • How to build a sales force.
  • How to recover from disaster.
  • How to use independent dealers versus employees.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes salespeople make.
  • How to design a great direct mail package.
  • How to design a territory.
  • How to handle lawsuits.
  • How to control costs.
  • How to manage growth.
  • How to go international.
  • How to build, amplify and sell your company.
  • How to trust your gut.

The book is unique because it is not limited to success stories.  It vividly depicts failure and faces defeat bluntly.  Thus it is a much more realistic approach to business than the typical “How to Succeed in Business” book.  Steve Savage believes he has learned more from his failures than his successes, and his readers will too.  This is an insight into business most people never get, written from the inside, by one who has lived through its torments and joys.

Who should read this book?

Aspiring entrepreneurs

It will captivate everyone who aspires to start his or her own business.  By living vicariously through the desolate disasters and tremendous triumphs, the adventurous soul who craves the independence of running his or her own business will gain knowledge of nearly every facet of starting and running a business.

Most people think about doing something on their own, but are afraid to try.  They stay in the safe corporate life they are used to.  It is now common knowledge that a big corporation is not really safe anymore. 

Small business owners

The go-getter who yearns for the dream of running his or her own business will experience with Steve his incredible years, developing dazzling products and building successful sales forces.  The book tells how hundreds of men and women trained by Steve were able to fulfill themselves and stretch to the outer limits of their potential.

The aspiring guerrilla who longs for a better life will absorb the way Steve developed several nationwide sales forces across the United States as well as in seven Latin American countries.

Those who long to get out of corporate rat race

Every ambitious man or woman who aches to get out of the corporate rat race will be inspired and motivated.  Best of all, everyone will get specific ideas and tips on precisely how they can really become true guerrillas, put their zeal into practice and make their dreams a reality.

Corporate executives

The book is not limited to aspiring entrepreneurs.  It will be useful to corporate executives who want to learn six things:

1.How to unleash the entrepreneurial energy and creativity among your employees.

2.How to change your corporate culture from a bureaucracy to a lean guerrilla machine.

3.How to drive power down to the lowest levels

4.How to elevate your sales force

5.How to make each employee an “owner”

6.How to go international.

These principals are clear in Guerrilla Business Secrets and will help all those who read and heed them.

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