Clients' Results

Steve's consulting is results-driven. When Steve works with your company, he does not give you abstract theory. He is a true "Guerrilla Marketer." He goes out in the field with your sales people, observing them in action. He meets with managers at all levels, from local sales managers to Chief Executive Officers. Then he works with you on developing a sales and marketing strategy that is guaranteed to increase your sales and profits.

Read the following cases where Steve helped companies achieve dramatic, quick and positive results.

"Steve Savage introduced our business in a number of Latin American markets. He did an outstanding job, building the business from zero to $15,000,000 in 4 years. He was responsible for recruiting the management team in each country and took a direct role in all elements of the sales and marketing strategies and tactics. His most outstanding strengths lie in his high energy level, sense of vision, relentless creativity, marketing and sales ability, people skills and a unique ability to articulate his thoughts and experiences."

E. Peter Raisbeck, Chairman
Institutional Financing Services
United States

"Steve Savage worked as a sales and marketing consultant and transformed our Eastern Region, which had flat sales for several years, into a fast-growing network of warehouses. He recruited, trained and managed salespeople for each warehouse. In each case, sales doubled or tripled within 18 months. He organized a nationwide telemarketing operation and gained 3,471 new customers in 12 months. This gave us $2,000,000 in new business per year. He not only gave us advice, but actually implemented his recommendations. He is the only consultant we have ever used that was actually able to mastermind and guide a project through from start to finish."

Mike Rippey, President
Radiator Express Warehouse
United States

"After three years of flat sales, in June we started Steve Savage's new sales strategy. Our sales grew 18% in July, 31% in August and 56% in September. Our salespeople and sales managers are motivated and optimistic. What we liked about Steve's consulting was that he not only gave us recommendations, but he implemented his plan."

Mario Simán, President
El Salvador

"Caffino retained Steve Savage to create and implement a strategic-expansion program. This encompassed market assessment, competitor analysis, real-estate development, entitlements-permitting and site development. He rapidly identified and provided in-depth analysis for over 300 potential sites for our drive-thru coffee bars. I found him to be incredibly focused and goal oriented - doing "whatever it takes" to get the job done."

Jeff Titterington, President
Caffino Drive-Thru Espresso Bars
United States

"Steve Savage worked with our sales force, going out to visit our clients in various provinces throughout Panama. Then he met with our managers to help us with our sales and marketing strategy. Finally, he conducted a seminar for our sales force. He motivated us and our sales increased 9% during the following year."

Dr. Dagoberto Tuñón, Marketing Manager
MELO Industries

"Steve Savage helped us set up a new business in Argentina, training our salespeople, visiting our customers and helping us with the formation of our business strategy. He also worked with us in the creation of our office, forming a great company culture. We grew to $2,000,000 (USA) in our first two years."

Arturo Hotton, President
IFS de Argentina

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