What We Do

Steve Savage will transform your business.

You may work with Steve Savage as your sales and marketing strategist for your business -- anywhere in the world.

When Steve works with your company, he does not give you abstract theory.  He is a true “Guerrilla Marketer.”  He goes out in the field with your sales people, observing them in action.  He meets with managers at all levels, from local sales managers to Chief Executive Officers.  Then he works with you on developing a sales and marketing strategy that is guaranteed to increase your sales and profits.

If you need to open up or expand your business in North America or South America, Steve can help you.  He grew up in Ecuador and is 100% bi-lingual.  He knows all the countries of Latin America.  He has developed businesses in many countries.

Call us at (802) 355 8533 or contact us and let's talk about how we can promote your business with creativity and intelligence.

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