International Operations

Doing business in Latin America

Steve Savage sets up subsidiaries in Latin America for multi-national companies seeking to expand their sales and operations into new, uncharted territories.

Steve feels totally at home in Latin America
  • Walks the streets
  • Speaks the language
Steve knows how to do business in each country

Many US companies expand their markets by setting up subsidiaries and/or distributorships in Latin America.

  • Steve has created companies in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Steve has helped companies dramatically increase their sales in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Panama.
Steve coordinates:
  • legal requirements in each country
  • tax laws
  • accounting systems
  • personnel
  • operations
  • sales force
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Savage International serves multinationals trying to penetrate the Latin American market. We offer you a complete "start-up" service enabling you to enter a new country quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Call us at (802) 355 8533 or contact us and let's talk about how we can promote your business with creativity and intelligence.

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